Data Sovereignty Compliance

Data sovereignty is a subset of "digital sovereignty" which refers “to the ability to have control over your own digital destiny – the data, hardware and software that you rely on and create”. Given the awesome reliance of the modern enterprise on digital platforms, digital sovereignty encompasses a huge part of the key platforms, processes and services that make global businesses successful today.

Data Sovereignty, Operational Sovereignty and Software Sovereignty

When thinking about a successful cloud strategy, Thales sees data sovereignty as one of the 3 major pillars that support digital sovereignty objectives: along with operational sovereignty, and software sovereignty.

  1. Data sovereignty means maintaining control over encryption and access to your data. This ensures sensitive data doesn’t fall into the hands of a foreign entity without express permission resulting in non-compliance with data sovereignty laws by country.
  2. Operational sovereignty means giving an organization visibility and control over provider operations. This ensures bad actors or malicious processes cannot access, or prevent you from accessing, your valuable data, such as in the case of privileged user access or a ransomware attack.
  3. Software sovereignty means running workloads without dependence on a provider’s software. This gives organizations the freedom to store and run workloads wherever desired to maximize performance, flexibility, and overall resilience.

Why are these 3 pillars important? Organizations that take charge of their data sovereignty in the cloud will find it easier to migrate sensitive workloads to the cloud and manage.

GDPR Data Sovereignty

Thales enables organizations maintain GDPR compliance in light of Schrems II ruling

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) decision in the Schrems II ruling invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield framework. Thales enables organizations to maintain GDPR data sovereignty compliance and adhere to the Schrems II ruling, using a trusted privacy framework for protecting transatlantic data flows that follow these overarching principles.

Google Cloud Data Sovereignty

Google Cloud Platform Security

Thales announced a new collaboration with Google Cloud that will accelerate the ability of enterprises to safely migrate sensitive data between public cloud, hybrid and private IT infrastructures. Google Cloud customers can now maintain strong data sovereignty in the Google Cloud with encryption key visibility and lifecycle management.

AWS Data Sovereignty in the Cloud

Secure workloads across Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers convenience and cost savings. However, for you to achieve data sovereignty in the AWS cloud, you need to follow security, privacy and compliance rules, as well as best practices, for protecting data. Thales advanced encryption and centralized key management solutions give you protection and control of in the cloud

Azure Data Sovereignty in the Cloud

Secure workloads across Microsoft Azure

Whether you are running on 100% Microsoft Azure, or a hybrid cloud, you still need to follow security best practices for protecting data and achieving data sovereignty in the Azure cloud. Thales solutions provide a number of solutions to protect sensitive data leveraging “Bring Your Own Encryption” (BYOE) or “Bring Your Own Key” (BYOK) methodologies.

OCI Data Sovereignty in the Cloud

Externally Manage and Store Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Keys

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) External Key Management Service (EKMS) is a new capability that allows customers to protect their data in OCI using encryption keys held inside CipherTrust Manager external to OCI.

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