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Passkeys and The Beginning of Stronger Authentication
February 2, 2024
How passkeys are rewriting the current threat landscape.
Digital Onboarding: Convenience Meets Security in Banking
January 23, 2024
A Shift Towards Ease and Speed.
Data Privacy: Why It Matters To The Rest Of Us
January 22, 2024
Data Privacy Week once again recognizes the importance that privacy plays in our digital lives.
Financial Supervision in a Digital World
January 16, 2024
Today’s consumers value ease of use - and payments and online financial services are no exception.
Thales + Imperva: Delivering the Next Generation of Data Security
January 9, 2024
We are pleased to share that Thales has completed its acquisition of Imperva.
Ransomware Sanctions: Do They Have Any Impact?
December 19, 2023
Explore the reasons that ransomware sanctions may fall short and what actions organizations can do to protect against ransomware.
Oracle's EU Sovereign Cloud and Thales CipherTrust: A New Era of Digital Sovereignty
December 14, 2023
Oracle is leading the way with its EU Sovereign Cloud offering and with collaboration with industry leaders such as Thales.
FIDO, Biometry and Contactless: Enhancing End User Adoption of Phishing-Resistant MFA
November 30, 2023
The combination of FIDO2 device-bound passkeys and biometry helps to bridge the gap, providing phishing-resistant MFA with the enhanced authentication experience required by some users.
Accelerating manufacturers’ time-to-market through open innovation
November 24, 2023
According to a study conducted by IBM, 84% of executives say open innovation is important for the growth of their business.

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