OneWelcome Cloud Identity Platform
The OneWelcome Cloud Identity Platform is a flexible platform that manages all your use cases for B2C, B2B and gig workers. This core platform can be expanded with a range of identity apps that combine to meet your organization’s specific needs.
Key Solutions
Customer Identity
Create secure, frictionless, and compliant access for customers
B2B Identity
Connect and protect your business-to-business ecosystem
Gig workers identity
Enable simple, secure access for your gig workers, contractors, seasonal staff and guest users
related capabilities
Single Sign-On
Sign in once for access to multiple applications and/or services
Using trusted third- party identities as a secure login
User Self-Service
Users can view and manage their own personal data settings
Fraud Detection
Identify and prevent unauthorised account activity
Support multiple brands with different look and feel through one platform
Marketing & Analytics Integration
Turn Identity data into marketing insights with tag manager integration
Open Standard Support
Support for current major protocols like SCIM, SAML, OAuth and OIDC
One frictionless user experience across channels
Customer Care and Service Desk
Tailor-made and easy to use Service Desk application
Integration APIs
Designed to integrate in any complex technology environment
Self-Registration & Invitation
Self-Service onboarding for users through tailor made user journeys
KYC (Know Your Customer), profiling and auditing
Reduce risk and provide better targeted customer services
Attribute/Data Validation
Validate attributes and data against trusted sources
Multi-Factor Authentication
Add additional steps in the authentication process for extra security
Passwordless Authentication
Strong yet GDPR-compliant authentication without usernames or passwords
Access Delegation
Delegate access from one identity to another based on Roles, Rules & Flexible Structures
Access Policy Information Point
Request the appropriate access policies for a specific identity
Data-attribute consent
Capture and manage fine-grained consent on attribute level within a user profile
Right of Erasure (right to be forgotten)
GDPR compliant right for users to request erasure of data
Configuration Experience
User-friendly configuration interface
Mobile App Security Platform
Security platform providing an easy way to deliver mobile apps
Mobile SDK
Software Development Kit to easily ingest security and seamless authentication in your mobile app
Whitelabel Authenticator App
Customer branded mobile application offering secure multi-factor authentication
Mobile Authentication
Highly secure passwordless authentication or multi-factor authentication on mobile
Authenticate in a mobile web browser through the app installed on the same device
Payload Encryption for Mobile
Enable an encrypted channel between the mobile device and your application landscape
Provide a smooth and secure login experience
Social Login
Login with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or any other social ID
Reporting & Insights
Out of the box reporting and insights, based on the user’s needs
Account Take-Over Prevention
Prevent identity theft and related fraud
Identity Store
Flexible data model with metadata for one overview of user identity data
Identity Validation & Proofing
Validation of data against third-party identity verification services and IDP’s
Credential Management
Self-Service to manage various authentication means and linked accounts
Identity Matching & Linking
Match and link user data from different sources through REST APIs
Permissions & Mandates
Fine-grained power of attorney models to act on behalf of other users
Delegated User Management
Delegate the identity lifecycle management to administrators closer to users
Access Policy Definition Point
Define Access policies for externalization of access control
Document and Policy consent
Capture and manage Consent on Documents and Policies with versions and languages support
Multiple Processing Purposes
Support for multiple processing purposes on the same attribute for attribute consent
Meta-data model (NIST 8112)
Flexible attribute data model with meta-data based on the NIST standard capturing context of attribute values
Right of Access
GDPR compliant access for users to view and manage personal data
DPO reporting and up-to-date inventory
GDPR compliance reporting on consent status
Just-in-Time Consent and customer dialogues
Embedding requests for and registration of consent with APIs
Right of Data Portability
GDPR compliant option to export personal data in a machine-readable format

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