Thales Payment HSMs and management tools provide flexible, efficient transaction security for retail payment processing environments, internet payment applications, and web-based PIN delivery. Ensuring the security of consumer data is essential to the integrity of intra-bank network payments, ACH transfers, check clearing, mobile payments, and credit card transactions. In addition to meeting today’s government and industry regulations and standards, Thales Payment HSM solutions are designed to anticipate tomorrow’s.
The Most Popular Use Cases
For more than 30 years, Thales payment HSMs have been involved in a wide range of applications. The main role of a payment HSM is to protect cryptographic keys and sensitive data in a highly secure manner such that the integrity of two fundamental processes is maintained:
Equipping consumers to
make payments
  • Dealing with the complexity of EMV chip cards or mobile-based applications
  • Keeping control of critical user credential assets
  • Maintaining a high level of security (to avoid counterfeiting or rogue payment instruments)
Facilitating a secure payments process
  • Being able to scale quickly to handle higher transaction volumes
  • Ensuring that sensitive data is protected at all times
  • Facilitating transactions originating from a diverse range of payment instruments (with more and more no longer under bank control)
payShield 10K
payShield 10K, the fifth generation of payment HSMs from Thales, delivers a suite of payment security functionality proven in critical environments including transaction processing, sensitive data protection, payment credential issuing, mobile card acceptance and payment tokenization.
Like its predecessors over the past 30+ years, payShield 10K can be used throughout the global payment ecosystem by issuers, service providers, acquirers, processors and payment networks.
Simplify deployment
Our payment HSMs are capable of being securely configured, managed and monitored remotely from locations of convenience to reduce your costs and simplify your ongoing operations.
Maximize resilience
Equipped with dual hot-swappable power supplies and fans, our latest HSMs significantly increase the mean time between failure (MTBF) and simplify field maintenance.
Leverage proven integrations
Thales payment HSMs are the most widely deployed in the world and are supported by the largest number of payment application providers.
payShield Cloud HSM
payShield Cloud HSM is a ‘bare metal’ hosted HSM service from Thales delivered using payShield 10K HSMs, providing the secure real-time, cryptographic processing capabilities required by payment workloads running in any of the major public clouds. The service addresses the needs of both existing users of payment HSMs and new payment entrants looking to leverage hardware-based security for the first time. Thales is offering its customers a choice of deployment model, namely on-prem, cloud or hybrid (when a mixture of on-prem and cloud HSMs are utilized). Whatever model is chosen, consistent HSM functionality is available with the highest levels of security compliance.
With the cloud HSM model, Thales manages the physical infrastructure and the HSMs are hosted in data centers under Thales control. The users of the payShield Cloud HSM service have access to dedicated payShield 10K HSMs under their control via flexible subscription options.
Experience the benefits of a payShield Cloud HSM
Simplifies sharing of production HSMs across multiple applications, staff and regions
Future Proof
Offers access to the latest certified payShied hardware and software on demand
Enables extra HSMs to be added quickly for resilence, backup or capacity
Cloud Agnostic
Works seamlessly with fast connections to all major public cloud providers (including Azure, AWS and GCP)
Cash Flow
Avoids up-front investment by offering a flexible, montly subscription service to improve cash flow
Payment HSM’s Products
payShield Manager
payShield Manager offers local and remote management options designed specifically for payShield 10K and payShield 9000 HSMs. The solution enables remote operation of HSMs via a standard browser interface. With the solution, you can leverage smart card access control to establish secure connections with HSMs. payShield Manager enables key management, security configuration and software and license updates to be carried out remotely.
payShield Monitor
payShield Monitor from Thales is a comprehensive HSM monitoring platform that enables operations teams to gain 24x7 visibility into the status of all their payShield HSMs, including those residing across distributed data centers. With this solution, security teams can efficiently inspect HSMs and find out immediately if any potential security, configuration, or utilization issue may compromise their mission-critical infrastructure.
payShield Trusted Management Device
payShield TMD offers secure, flexible and efficient key management for payment HSMs. It is a compact, intuitive, self-contained secure cryptographic device (SCD) that enables you to perform symmetric key management tasks including securely forming keys from separate components or splitting existing keys retrospectively into new components. payShield TMD generates and shares keys in a manner that is compliant with relevant security standards, including X9 TR-31, ANSI X9.24-1 and PCI PIN Security.

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