HPID provides services of installation, system implementation, technical support, warranty and maintenance, to ensure client’s IT system abided by manufacturer’ standards and gained optimizing operations.

Installation and Implementation Service

Provide services of hardware installation and software configuration by following manufacturer’s design and requirements, to ensure optimizing operations and highly integration of the system. Our services adapt all requirements from our clients’ scale of networks and industries.

Technical Support

This service assists our clients to prevent system failures, to diagnose and overcome system failures.

Once facing any error related to hardware, software, configurations of equipments or the whole system, our clients shall have our distance supports via telephone, fax, or email; no limit for times of support requirements.

On-site Support
In case the error is unable to solve by distance support, our technical expert shall be at client’ site to repair or replace failed equipments if necessary.

This is service of equipments/system periodic checking to take care of system operating capability or to early find out any threat and have a timely solution. Time frame for periodic checking is based on manufacturer’s proposed maintenance time frame or technical parameters of equipments.

Warranty Service

Warranty Service
This is fundamental service to ensure operations of equipments that abides manufacturer’ standards.

Extended Warranty Service
Upon client’s requests, this service is for specific equipments after its standard warranty period.

Hardware Replacement Service

This is service to supply a replacement to accessories, equipment, spare-parts in an agreed point of time. The failure equipment shall be replaced within a time limit that is specified in the agreed service requirements.


Customer Support