General Security Solutions

Security solutions for network edge

  • Establish a barrier to IT system by separating the system into zones and put the zones under strictly controls. It assists to check all accesses to all applications, database within the system to ensure the system being secured.
  • Deploy at Internet edge to protect business network against external hack and also deploy at database and sensitive applications boundary to prevent internal hack.
  • This solution is definitely necessary for all businesses with internet access and having a certain applications and important database.

Identity Solutions

  • Assist the system in clarified and accurately indentifying users, hosts, applications and business recourses to prevent any unauthorized access.
  • The identity systems allow to define users by their username and password or digital signature, then to have specific access rules to a user.
  • This solution is suitable for businesses who are seeking for security solutions based on identity technology

Application/Database Encryption Solutions

  • Deployment of this solution is based on HSM (Host Security Module) equipments which have got very specific design to comply world security standards. It helps to save and protect master key   by preventing plaintext keys and data exposing to outsiders.
  • Last but not least, the solution also supports putting sensitive codes into the module so that these codes and their processes are conducted and absolutely protected inside the HSM. This is a huge advantage for deployment of information encryption and decryption today.
  • This solution is suitable for businesses who are seeking for solutions of digital signature, database encryption, SSL encryption…

Payment Security Solutions

  • The deployment of this solution is based on HSM (Host Security Module) to secure transactions in financial networks.
  • This solution is necessarily applicable for payment services such as ATM, POS, EFPOS.

Link Encryption Solution
Use encryption technology to secure data against being stolen or tampering when data is traveling across LAN, WAN. Two methods are normally deployed:

  • VPN is to create a virtual and secured connectivity between sites.
  • Datacryptor is to provide dedicated equipment for encrypting all data traveling across LAN, WAN

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