Network Infrastructure Solutions

The solution is to assist businesses to build up a complete system which is definitely necessary for businesses’ operation of all industries and all sizes.

Local Area Network-LAN Solution

Assist customers to build up LAN network within a small geographic. This solution is built based upon a completely layered and modularized architecture

  • Cable system
  • Core Switch layer
  • Distribution Switch Layer
  • Access Switch Layer

This solution helps business to optimize the investment, maximize the system efficiency and very easy to operate, to maintenance and to expand.

Wide Area Network-WAN Solution

Assist customers to expand their network to a larger geographic which LAN is unable to offer. It performs by physical connecting through a Service Provider, using Leased line, MPLS/MegaWAN, E1… This solution is also built based on a completely layered and modularized architecture

  • Core  layer
  • Distribution Layer
  • Access Layer

MAN, INTRANET, Servers, Storage, Recording, Monitoring, Datacenter Solutions,…

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