Contact Center Solutions

A contact center, also known as customer interaction center, is a central point of any organization from which all customer contacts are managed

  • This is IP-based Contact Center to enable to converge various methods of contact from voice call to web collaboration, email, sms, fax, chat.
  • Contact Center is also able to integrate other softwares such as CRM, ERP,… to enhance customer care functions of a business.

Any requirements and enquiries from Customers through telephone, web, chat will be routed by Contact Center System in the following ways:

  • To an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System: an automatic response system allows callers to select an option to get their desired information.
  • To a right Agent of Customer Care Center: Based on callers requirement, the calls will be routed to right agent who is responsible. The screen of the agent, which is integrated to CRM system, will pop up information related to that customer. From the information, the agent can assist the customer effectively.

Benefits that Contact Center brings to the businesses:

  • The most prompt response to customers’ enquiries and requests by intelligent call routing ability of Contact Center systems and connectivity with an CRM
  • Adapt flexible interactions between customers and the enterprise.
  • Maintain and enhance the loyalty of existing customers and expand the large amount of potential customers in the future

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